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1. Q: What is the Minimum order quantity?    
    A: No minimum order quantity on ballet costumes. You can order one piece.

Q: What size should I order?   
    A: Please
send dancers measurements of bust, waist, hips, height, and girth via any contact methods to us, well suggest sizes for dancers.

3. Q: Can you do custom size?  
    A: Yes, we make custom size professional ballet tutus and ballet tunics.


4.Q: What measurements would you need for custom sizes?    
   A: We will need dancers
 measurements of bust, waist, hips, height, and girth.

5.Q: How to get measurements for custom sizes?  
   A: Please do it according to the
measurement’s guidance picture below.

 6. Q: What is girth, and how to measure girth?   
     A: Girth is from one shoulder down through the crotch and then go back to the same shoulder.


7. Q: Can you make plain ballet tutu costume?    
    A: Yes.


8. Q: Can I order ballet tutus without any decorations?    
    A: Yes.

9. Q: How many panels does the tutu bodice have?    
    A: 5-10 panels depends on styles and sizes.


10. Q: Can you make the tutu without the front nude insert?    
       A: Yes.


11. Q: How many layers tulle do you make?    
10-12-layer stiff tulle depending on styles and sizes.

12. Q: Can I order a tutu without soft ruffles on the panties?    
      A: Yes.


13. Q: Do you have different options of nude fabric for different skin colors?    
       A: Yes, we have. Please choose from the below colors.  

 14. Q: Can I order the tutu in a different color?   
       A: You can order our tutus in a different tulle color, but color of the decorations stay the same.

Q: What color options do you have for your professional ballet tutus?  
       A: Most tutus come in one color only. Some tutus are available in several colors.

Q: Can you make the tutu plate less layer tulle?   
       A: Yes.


17. Q: Do you have matching head piece?  
      A: Yes, but only for styles you see a head piece in the picture.

Q: Can I order a matching head dress?  
      A: Yes,
we have matching head dress for some costumes.

19. Q: Can you do custom style tutus?    
      A: No.


20. Q: How do I make an order?
A: Please buy online, or email us the order details at blacswan@hotmail.com. 

21. Q: What payment do you take?
       A: PayPal, Western Union, Money Gram, and T/T.

22. Q: How long can I get my order?
       A: 2-4 weeks after payment.

23. Q: Can you do free shipping?
       A: No

Q: How much is the postage?    
       A: Postage is 25-
60USD. It varies from countries.

25. Q: Can I get refund if the costume does not fit?  
      A: Yes, if
it’s wrong sizes made, but not in the case of incorrect measurements provided.

26. Q: Which shipping company do you work with?
       A: We work with DHL, UPS, Fedex, TNT, Dpex, and China Post.

27. Q: Do I need to pay custom duties?
       A: Customs policies vary from different countries, so please enquire the local authority.

28. Q: Do you know how much tax I would need to pay?    
      A: We will do our best to save your cost, but please talk to the local authority to find out tax policies in your country.


29. Q: How to clean my ballet costume?    
      A: They can
t be washed, and never dry-clean a tutu. You could clean it in two ways: 1) Using a spray spot cleaner like Febreze or Shout, gently scrub the fabric with warm water and a damp cloth and lightly rinse; 2) Simply mix cheap, high-proof vodka with water (roughly 70 to 30 percent vodka-to-water ratio) and pour it in a spray bottle. Spray it on the area you would like to clean. Vodka dries odorless and kills odor-causing bacteria. You can reduce the need for washing it by wearing a nude camisole leotard underneath. This creates a barrier and reduces the amount of sweat and body oils that contact the tutu.

30. Q: How to store a professional ballet tutu?  
      A: Please spot-clean sweat-prone areas and leave it air dry
completely before you packing it away. Put the costume in a tutu bag to protect it from sun and dust. Lay it flat and out of the sunlight, such as under your bed or hanging on the back wall of your closet. If there is an attached bodice with lots of embellishments, face it away from the tutu to prevent snags.

31. Q: How to find a costume for my variation/role?
      A:  3 ways to find a suitable costume:
           the 1st way is to narrow your choices by click professonal ballet costumes --- For ballet & Roles-- choose the ballet/roles you do, you will get suitable costumes for the roles.

the 2nd way is by searching:

the 3rd way is to contact us, we will give you professional advice.

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